About novena
  • Overall FSE Austria
  • Overall FSE Spain
  • Engineering Design (FSG)
  • Endurance (FSUK)
  • Acceleration (FSA)
  • Overall Class 1A FSUK
  • Overall FSE Germany
2x 35 kW 181 kg 3.4 s 120 km/h

«novena» is the second electric race car in the history of AMZ and the first car equipped with self-developed and self-built electric motors.

Most parts of the chassis and the suspension of novena are made of carbon fibre reinforced plastics (CFRP). The chassis' core is formed by the monocoque (Prepreg, lamination by hand), the suspension's concept contains one-piece 13 inch carbon rims and wishbones made out of CFRP. The design of the spring system uses pull rods on all wheels.

Both electric motors provide a total power of 70 kW (94 hp). Individual axle drive enables the car for effective yaw rate control (torque vectoring). The motors' power supply is guaranteed by lithium polymer cells installed in a U-shaped accumulator containment.

Its superior drivetrain concept lead novena to a new world record in the acceleration event at Formula Student Austria in Spielberg.

With two consecutive victories in the Engineering Design event at Formula Student Electric Germany AMZ was able to point out that its concepts and construction range among the best in Formula Student.