About simplon
  • Overall Dynamics Class 1 FSUK
  • Acceleration (FSA)
60 kW 198 kg 3.6 s 130 km/h

«simplon» is AMZ's first car to beat the 200 kg mark. By intense and consequent light weight construction we were able to save 40 kg of weight compared to the preceding year.

The chassis of simplon is based on a CFRP monocoque with removable rear end. The suspension's wishbones are also made out of CFRP. The spring system design implements pull rods at the front and push rods in the rear.

One of simplon's innovative attributes is its four-cylinder Suzuki combustion engine with a capacity of 600 ccm that was changed over for operation with bio ethanol (E85).

These features made simplon capable of winning the dynamic events at Formula Student UK in Silverstone.