About furka
  • Overall Class 1A FSUK
  • Engineering Design (FSG)
  • Endurance (FSE Italy)
2x 30 kW 227 kg 3.8 s 111 km/h

«furka» is the first electric race car built by AMZ and managed to win the newly established electric class at Formula Student UK in Silverstone straightaway.

The chassis of furka is based on a CFRP monocoque (Prepreg) with removable rear end. The suspension consists of carbon wishbones, with the spring system designed as pull rods on all wheels.

furka is driven by two AGNI DC electric motors providing a total power of 60 kW (82 hp). Energy is supplied by lithium polymer accumulator cells. AMZ's first electric drivetrain enables furka to accelerate from 0 to 100 kph in under four seconds.

Winning the Endurance race at Formula Electric & Hybrid Italy, furka could emphasize being able to compete with the competitors' pace right from the start.